FLE-La France en Poche-culture (secondary)

La Nouvelle France en Poche:  A course in Culture of France and French speaking countries, by Dominique Guillemant

The Students Book
The topics that are dealt with, rich with authentic material, offer always useful, cross curricular starting points, curiosities and fun aspects, designed to provide a pleasant way to discover every possible update on the current situation in France and French speaking countries. Even traditional aspects are presented in a totally renewed way.

The Teachers Book
The Teachers Book presents two new tools: easy exercises to complete on the internet and photocopiable maps for France and French speaking countries, in order to revise thematically and visually the subjects studied. As well as this there are extra photocopiable exercises, a linguistic Portfolio, the key to the exercises and the transcription of the recorded texts.

The audio CD
The audio CD contains around 30 minutes of material. It presents the reading of the extra material and also includes authentic material and numerous listening and comprehension activities.