Eli Graded Readers ELT
Three distinct series of graded readers covering CEFR levels A1 to B1. Fairy tales, Classics, Original Stories and Non Fiction, all readers include activities based on the 4 skills, together with a complete cultural dossier for follow-up and “beyond the text” insights.
Graded Readers FLE-ELE-DAF-ILS
Grands classiques de la littérature en versions intégrales ou réduites ou œuvres originales, les Lectures ELI se proposent comme des textes narratifs de grande dignité littéraire et ayant une forte identité
Ten-page units, opening with a Vocabulary presentation and a double language input: narrative texts (articles, blogs, web pages, interviews) in Presentation 1, followed by a photo story with dialogues in Presentation 2.
Ready For Trinity
Grades 3 and 4 and ISE 0 covers the levels A2.1-A2.2 of the CEFR. Grades 5 and 6 and ISE 1 covers the levels B1.1-B1.2 of the CEFR. Six units for each grade. Cyclic revision and reintroduction of all functions throughout the book with links back to each section.
Pack Your Bag
The players have to be the first to pack their bag with all the clothes and accessories on their list. Useable also as a bingo-style game, Pack your Bag helps students learn and reinforce language associated with clothing, set in the fun situation of preparing for a journey.
Grammar Plus
Clear and easy-to-follow structure: explanations, examples, exercises. Exercises in order of increasing difficulty: from guided to open-ended. Wide variety of exercise types including ones requiring personal responses from the student. Listening-based activities using the accompanying Audio CD. Round-up exercises covering multiple structures. Final revision section covering the major grammar points presented. Verb, pronunciation and punctuation tables. Audioscripts.