Super Megic / Primary Courses

Super Megic

Super Megic

Student’s Books 1 and 2

  • Action songs involving Total Physical Response present target language in the first two levels.
  • Games recycle words and short expressions to practise and fix what has been presented.
  • Special sections present:
    • Festivals;
    • CLIL activities for an interdisciplinary approach;
    • A fun play to include the whole class in acting out.

Student’s Books 3 to 6

  • Gradual increase in complexity carefully coordinated with the child’s cognitive development.
  • Photographs open each unit, relating English to the child’s experience of the world.
  • Cartoon stories, games and fun activities activate the language introduced.
  • CLIL sections introduce age-appropriate interdisciplinary materials and vocabulary.
  • English-Speaking World section expands language learning into development of wider educational competences.

Activity Books 1 to 6 + Audio CD

  • Extension and revision activities.

Digital Book

  • Each level is accompanied by its digital version.
  • Fully-interactive version for use in class with an interactive whiteboard (IWB) or PC/Mac.
  • All the course material, teaching resources and tools in digital format.
  • Fun and motivating ‘heads-up’ moments for everyone in the class.