The Magic Book / Primary Courses

The Magic Book

The Magic Book

Student’s Book

  • Story-based introduction of vocabulary and grammatical structures.
  • Songs and games to practise communication and memorise target language.
  • Gradual introduction of new elements in line with the pupils’ cognitive development:
    • From Level 3, pronunciation corners; simple grammar strips; photographs.
    • From Level 5, inductive approach to grammar.
    • In Level 6, short texts on aspects of the Anglophone world.
    • Helpful in the preparation of candidates for age-appropriate international certificates.

My Special Book + Audio CD

  • Optional interdisciplinary booklet (CLIL) accompanies each of the first 5 levels.

Digital Book

  • Fully-interactive version for use in class with an interactive whiteboard (IWB).
  • All the resources and teaching tools in one digital book per level.
  • Fun, ‘heads-up’ lessons to attract and keep pupils’ attention.