Sprint / Secondary Courses



Student’s Book + Downloadable Digital Book

  • Ten-page units, opening with a Vocabulary presentation and a double language input: narrative texts (articles, blogs, web pages, interviews) in Presentation 1, followed by a photo story with dialogues in Presentation 2.
  • Further Grammar sections, communicative Functions, Build your Competences sections (with thorough 4-skills work, cultural topics, CLIL readings and Kids at Work! activities).
  • Test your Competences and Extra Practice recapitulative exercises with self-evaluation, every two units.
  • Culture and Festivals: sixteen-page, full colour final section dedicated to history, culture and main celebrations of the English- Speaking World.
  • Word Bank (Levels 1 and 2) with cross referenced, illustrated tables and photographs of the vocabulary presented within each unit.
  • Drama Reader (Level 1 and 2): great literary classics to be read for pleasure and performed on stage. Simplified according to level, these feature introductions, pre-reading tasks and after-reading vocabulary and writing tasks.

Workbook + Audio CD

  • Six-page units: 2 Vocabulary & Functions pages, 2 Grammar pages, 2 Build your Competences pages.
  • Grammar Reference: final section offering a summary of all the grammatical structures, in order of appearance in the Student’s Book.
  • Word List: all the words, unit by unit with phonetic script.
  • Exam-style tasks familiarize the students with Cambridge English or Trinity certifications format.

Digital Book

  • Downloadable version for the Student and in DVD for the Teacher.
  • Leaf-through Student’s Book and Workbook.
  • Interactive exercises and integrated resources to be used in class with IWB: Grammar Reference, Word Bank, Functions videos, an ELI digital game for each level, and much more!
  • Karaoke function to help text reading, Listen and record your own voice function.

Teacher’s Book + 2 Class CDs

  • Introduction to the course’s methodology.
  • Information on the Common European Framework of Reference and Cambridge English and Trinity certifications.
  • Teaching notes, extra activities, cultural notes.
  • Reproduction of Student’s Book pages and related Answer Keys, Workbook Answer Keys, transcripts of recordings.
  • Two Class Audio CDs containing all the listening material for the Student’s Book.

Tests & Resources

  • A completely photocopiable section of the Teacher’s Book, containing a wealth of evaluation and testing material.
  • Entry Test – to assess students’ level of overall linguistic competence.
  • Reinforcement Worksheet with lexical and grammatical exercises for each unit in the course.
  • Unit Tests, available in two versions: row A and row B.
  • Round-up Tests covering two units and presenting summative exercises of grammar, vocabulary and functions.
  • Competence Tests on Reading, Writing, Listening, Spoken Production and Spoken Interaction.

Test maker Multi-ROM

  • Editable tests in Word® format allow adaptation to the class’s interests, needs and level.
  • Recordings for listening texts.

4 Posters Pack

  • Available with Level 1: UK & Ireland, USA, English-Speaking World, Phonemic Chart.