Flash on English / Secondary Courses

Flash on English

Flash on English

Student’s Book

  • Double linguistic input in each unit: double-page presentations of target language through realistic, graded texts and dialogues.
  • Vocabulary building and practice of language functions through both guided and ‘personalised’ communicative activities.
  • Clear explanation and practice of grammar points in each unit.
  • Grammar Reference section with rules and examples at the end of each book.
  • Flash on Skills: the four language skills approached through different content: cultures of the English-Speaking World (Culture); cross-curricular material (CLIL); simple literary texts, both prose and verse (Literature).
  • Special sections at each level:


- Flash on Culture;


- Starter Unit reviewing essential grammar,functions and vocabulary;
- Starter Workout: optional booklet with further expansion;


- Flash on Reading: extensive reading and comprehension activities;


- Flash on CLIL;

Upper Intermediate

- Word building, Writing reference;


- Flash on Culture.

Workbook + Audio CD

  • Unit-by-unit grammar reference and further practice to fixtarget structures.
  • Revision and consolidation activities for listening, readingand writing.
  • Recordings of all Workbook listening material.
  • Irregular verb tables.
  • Functions files (Pre-Intermediate).
  • Useful expressions and phrasal verb lists (Intermediate).
  • Topic vocabulary list for Cambridge English: First (Upper Intermediate).

Teacher’s Book + Class Audio CDs

  • Introduction to the methodology.
  • Extensive unit-by-unit teaching notes.
  • Suggestions for further activities.
  • Teaching techniques for mixed-ability classes.
  • Full answer keys to all exercises and activities.
  • Transcripts of all recordings.

Tests and Resources

  • Extra, photocopiable materials.
  • Battery of tests: entry, per unit, revision, skills.

Multi-ROM Test-Maker

  • Editable tests in Word® format allow adaptation to the class’s interests, needs and level.
  • Recordings for listening tests.

Digital Book

  • Containing all the material in interactive format for use on the Interactive Whiteboard or computer to make learning English more stimulating with ‘heads-up’ interactive lessons.
  • Link to online user’s guide.

Online Teacher’s Resources

  • More on Skills: further skills practice through culture, CLIL and literature-based worksheets.
  • All recorded material in MP3 format.