Think Global

Think Global

Student’s Book

  • 15 Units with materials at two, clearly-labelled levels of difficulty:
    • For mixed ability classes;
    • To allow a return to a popular topic with more challenging material.
  • 4 skills development through a wide variety of activities.
  • Preparation for the Cambridge English: KEY:
    • reading comprehension, summary, letter and email writing, speaking activities.

Digital Book

  • All course material in digital version.
  • Video and audio materials in a single component.
  • IWB-compatible for motivating ‘heads-up’ moments in class.
  • Authentic videos on a range of interesting topics give a real taste of English worldwide.
  • Pre-and post-watching worksheets deepen students’ understanding of issues.

Teacher’s Book

  • Detailed unit-by-unit teaching notes.
  • Extra background information.
  • Answer keys.
  • Transcripts of all recorded material.
  • 30 pages of extra materials.
  • Short play to act out in class or at the end of the school year.