First Buster

First Buster


  • The Student’s Book with 3 Practice Tests is composed of 20 topic-based units with full coverage of all four papers:
    • Reading and Use of English (1 hour 15 minutes)
    • Writing (1 hour 20 minutes)
    • Listening (45 minutes)
    • Speaking (14 minutes per pair of candidates)
  • Each unit offers thorough coverage and development of both grammar and vocabulary. A specific Writing Reference section improves students’ writing skills and useful appendixes with phrasal verb lists and functions banks close the volume.
  • 3 Audio CDs accompany the Student’s Book.

Language Maximiser

  • 2 extra Practice Tests and 1 audio CD.

Teacher’s Book + Audio CDs

  • Clear teaching objectives for each of the twenty units.
  • Full answer keys to all activities.
  • Transcripts of all recorded material.
  • Suggestions for further revision activities.

Online Resources

  • All recorded material in MP3 format. Coursebook