Eli Photo Cards / Photo Cards

Eli Photo Cards

Eli Photo Cards

75 photographic Photo Cards created to stimulate discussion in class with students from intermediate to advanced level.

  • Photo on front of card, keywords, thought-provoking questions and thumbnail image on the back.
  • Teacher’s guide containing suggestions for learning paths by macro-topic and extra ways to use the cards.


  • Globalisation
  • Pollution
  • Alternative energies
  • Eating habits
  • Human rights
  • Racism
  • Social problems
  • Development and underdevelopment
  • How families are changing
  • Fostering, adoption
  • Solidarity
  • Bullying
  • School and work
  • Dreams
  • Extreme sports
  • Evolution
  • Trends, tattooing and piercing
  • Social networks and technology
  • Being a parent and being a child
  • Being / appearing